HAIR: CHILD HAIR CUT 30 - 45 minutes

Service variants

BOY'S CUT 0yrs - 7yrs
£10 BOOK
BOY'S CUT 8yrs - 15yrs
£18 BOOK
GIRL'S CUT 0yrs - 5yrs
£10 BOOK
GIRL'S CUT 6yrs - 9yrs
£18 BOOK
GIRL'S CUT 10yrs - 13yrs
£25 BOOK
GIRL'S CUT 14yrs - 17yrs
£30 BOOK


Children's cuts don't include a wash and blow dry.

Please note when booking online your final service may differ and the price difference will be settled at the end of your appointment.

Please provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to make your appointment, otherwise a 20% cancellation fee will be payable.